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Trade Winds Group provides privately held businesses with valuation services. A professional valuation is essential if you are considering selling a business, planning for retirement, applying for financing, and a wide range of other scenarios. You can rest assured in the accuracy, thoroughness and professional expertise of our valuation process and reports. Our valuations are performed by professionally trained valuators and analysts that are experienced in key attributes of business valuations and business transactions. When TWG performs a business valuation, it will be independent, unbiased and a supportable opinion of value. Our valuation process is performed using the latest valuation industry guidance and standards at the effective date of value. Our valuation process typically follows the following process steps:

Preliminary -We discuss the details of the engagement with you to ensure a complete understanding of the objectives and purpose of the business valuation engagement. 

Proposal - Upon gaining a complete understanding of your objectives, we will provide you with a formal proposal of services agreement. The agreement will define the scope of our services, expected timeline and fee for services.

Research and Analysis - This involves analysis of company documents, financial statements, tax returns, operational information, intangible asset definition, risk factors and other data.  We research the economic factors, industry trends and influences, potential risk factors and arms-length, private company comparable industry transactions.

Presentation - The valuation report is thoroughly explained to our clients to ensure a thorough understanding of how we arrived at the opinion of value. Each report is supported by a “reasonableness test” or “sanity check. The summary report presents a hypothetical business sale utilizing our presented opinion of value as the selling price and goes through an investors “term sheet” that runs through the financial review steps a lender would perform including settlement fees, down payment, term and interest rate, monthly and annual payments, and making sure that after all operating expenses from the income and cash flow statements that a sufficient annual debt service coverage ratio meets the typical 1.20 minimum threshold percentage.

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